Sometimes a mug is just a mug

I have two blue travel mugs, both conference giveaways. One is from the NLM and the other is from the CHN.

The NLM mug stinks. I hate to say it, but it has never sealed tightly. It leaks soffee subtly down one’s front while you’re sitting in a meeting trying to be professional.

The CHN mug, on the other hand, is lovely. Simple, no handle to fall off or anything, the top is one of the best travel mug tops ever. No leaking, no whistling, nada.

Of course, the CHN was shut down a year and a half ago. And the NLM apparently god some extramural funding boost in Obama’s stimulus plan.

I’ve been searching for a metaphor for months now…did CHN pay attention to the wrong details? Is NLM somehow “leaky”?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no metaphor here. Sometimes, a mug is just a mug.

Now I can finally toss that lousy NLM mug and enjoy sipping from my CHN mug while I browse the new PubMed. *sigh*



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