Who are we?

Here’s the scoop on the current SJL authors:

John Vincent : See John’s introduction here.

Ken Williment : See Ken’s introduction here.

If you think you might like to write for SJL too, send a note  to sjlibrarian (at) gmail telling us who you are and what kind of stuff you’d like to cover.

Former SJL authors:

Greyson: I’m currently a health librarian and women’s studies instructor in Western Canada. I was raised in the US, adore young adult fiction, enjoy gardening, drink a little too much coffee and have a hilarious kiddo in my life. Before library school I worked with youth, in domestic violence/sexual assault community organizations, and in the co-operative movement. Before that I was a classical musician.

Katie: I’m a graduate student in what they used to call library school in Los Angeles, California. I’m studying information ethics and archives, particularly how to build just, representative, culturally relevant archival repositories. I’m also interested in the tensions between memory and documentation and their opposites, forgetting and privacy. I’m from the east coast of the US originally, but love Los Angeles for the huge variety of everything, the local produce, and the occasional star sighting.

Martha: I’m currently working as an architecture and planning librarian and recently move to the US. I really miss Canada and working part-time at a public library, although I love my job. I’m interested in lots of things from art and architecture (that’s my background) to the imbalance of power in its very many incarnations, particularly issues dealing community, information/public policy and diversity. Aside from that, I love spending time out in the forest and making art or crafts (two areas that for me are sometimes distinctly separate and sometimes indistinguishable from each other) .

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    what a great website!

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