About the SJL blog

SJL is a multi-author blog for news, analysis, musings, ponderings, and the occasional snark related to social justice and human rights in librarianship.

This blog is intended to spur discussion, particularly among those of us who became librarians (or archivists – shout out to the archivists!) with goals of promoting democracy, access to information, intellectual freedom, and increased equity in society. Most of the content will be Canadian, England or USAmerican, because that’s where we study, live and work.

Each author speaks only for her/his/hir-self, not for our employers or for the SJL collective, of course.

All posts, unless otherwise specified, are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license
Creative Commons License

Note: Comments are currently moderated for spam-filtering purposes. Abusive comments will not be approved, nor will posts clearly designed for commercial gain or that are drastically off-topic.  Other posts are very welcome!

One response to “About the SJL blog

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful and well-reasoned postings.

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