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More of a thought than a full-blown post!! I get fed up with people who say that libraries – or, indeed, anything else much – are not political (in the widest sense, not necessarily party-political), and I was thrilled to read an article quoting John Amaechi, speaking about the Olympic Games, in which he expressed this far better than I can:

“I’m so tired of the Olympics being able to hide behind this ‘we are not political’ banner at the same time as being intensely political … All you have to do is look at the event where they announce who will get the Games. Look in the audience and it is prime ministers, premiers and royalty. I’m sorry, you are implicitly political in nature.”


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  1. I think the boundary of what is or is not political is entirely a matter of individual perception and preference. If a 14 year-old goes to the Public Library, checks out YA romance novels, and once in a while looks up a definition in a reference book, for them the library is not political. It’s functional.

    For you the library is political, and the Olympics are political, because you seek and investigate what’s political in them. It’s the glasses you see through, your filter. The phone operator at a DNC office may just see it as the place they go to put calls through so they can get a check and pay rent. Not political, even at the office of a political party. To me the Olympics are pretty pictures. I’m into the photography. I don’t watch with the sound on, and I don’t know or care who wins. Not political.

    This happens even when voting. People cast votes on bases like a perception of which candidate is more attractive, or (to them) more “moral”. There’s a political dimension to almost everything, but it’s completely irrelevant if that aspect isn’t what you seek or respond to. Perception is reality.

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