The State of Public Libraries Around the World

Bis, a journal based out of Sweden, recently dedicated a large section of its most recent publication to the issue of the current state of library services.

The two questions asked were:

1. How do you, from your personal perspective, value the situation of the public library in your country, and

2. Would you say that the support of public libraries is strong among the people/in your community/society?

There were a number of responses from the following countries, including (All hyperlinked):

Canada (Pilar Martinez and Ken Williment)

Austria (Nikolaus Hamann)

Germany (Frauke Mahrt-Thomsen)

United Kingdom (John Pateman and John Vincent)

The editor of Bis would like to put out a call for librarians from other countries to contribute to this discussion.

If you are interested, Lennart’s contact information can be found at:




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One response to “The State of Public Libraries Around the World

  1. willimen

    Reblogged this on Community Led Service Network: CLA and commented:

    Hi – Just to get things started, here is an article that Pilar and Ken recently published which highlight some of the community led work taking place in Edmonton and Halifax.

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