Impending changes in blog & life

Most people who read this blog don’t know me personally. So, while this will probably come as no surprise, based on the posts I make, you likely don’t know that my career is about to change in a major way. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be ending my “librarian” job and starting an interdisciplinary PhD program.

Eek! I’m quitting my nice steady librarian job and starting a PhD program! And not even an LIS PhD program, at that!

I’ve been pondering whether librarianship is “once a librarian, always a librarian” or whether, should my path take me farther away from libraries – say, deeper into public health research or some such –  I will ever refer to myself as a “former librarian.” I think it’s the first of these two. (In my experience, when people say they “used to be a librarian” they usually mean that they had a book shelving job in a library once upon a time.)

However, even if I am a librarian-for-life, there are big changes afoot.

I don’t know where this path will take me. I’ve been fortunate to get some nice funding that allows me to be a full-time student, really dig into the research life, and see what I think it holds for me. Right now,  I think I’d love to have a faculty position when I’m done with this degree. That said, I know there are a lot of other things one can do as a librarian with a PhD, including library management, government work, and private sector research. We shall see where things go from here.

One thing I have decided, though, is that I need to curtail some of my “extracurricular” activities related to my librarian work. Including blogging. I started this blog a few years ago because I wanted to hear more LIS folk talk about social justice issues. A few others have joined me over the years, as guest posters or co-bloggers. Now it’s my turn to become the guest poster, and let some others take the wheel on this wordpress dashboard.

I’ll be around, although I’m not sure how much. Ken, my trusty guest-blogger turned co-blogger, will be taking over admin-type stuff, so stay tuned for an announcement from him about further changes to the blog. I think it’s good stuff, my friends, good stuff all around.

Thank you to those of you who read this blog, and especially to those who have commented – publicly or privately – to let me know what you are thinking about information-related social justice issues. It’s been a great ~4 years here. If anyone wants to know what I’m up to over the next few years, or needs to get ahold of me, look here.




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  1. Best of luck with the PhD! I must admit, I am a bit disappointed to hear you won’t be blogging so frequently, particularly as I only just discovered the Social Justice Librarian, but I’m looking forward to hearing from your colleagues.

    I too am leaving the library field (at least temporarily) to study for an LLM, and I have also been wondering how to describe myself. I think you may be on to something when you say “once a librarian, always a librarian.” Although I may not currently be working in a “traditional” librarian role, I think the ideals of social justice and access to information that first attracted me to librarianship will inform my future career choices, whatever they may be.

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