BCLA Letter Regarding G20 & Intellectual Freedom

I am really proud of the British Columbia Library Association for writing and publishing such an eloquent letter about the “unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties that took place at the June 2010 meeting of the G20 in Toronto.”

While some may shy away from library association advocacy on issues that are not immediately and obviously tied to library existance, the BCLA connects the dots between intellectual freedom as a core value of librarianship, and the curtailing of free expression in public space.

When the media is silenced, when citizens are not allowed to peacably gather in public spaces or express their opinions, this is an issue for libraries and librarians.

Just as the definition of librarianship today must expand beyond the bricks-and-mortar library building to include librarians who work in communities and doing other types of skilled information work, so must library advocacy not be confined to advocating for library funding and the library book rate. As librarians it is up to us to advocate for and uphold the core values of our profession.

Other coverage of the letter: Sam Trosow, Post-G20 Bulletin



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