Introducing Guest Blogger Ken Williment

It is my great pleasure to introduce  Ken Williment, a former member of the Working Together Project at the Halifax site, previous Community Development Manager for Halifax Public Libraries (2006-2012) and currently a branch manager.  He has published a number of articles including “It takes a community to create a library“, another on asset mapping, etc…  In 2013 Ken and John Pateman published a book titled “Developing Community-Led Public Libraries: Evidence from the UK and Canada“.

In Ken’s previous life, he has been a Sociologist, Social Worker, farm hand, and of course an avid mountain biker, skier and kayaker!

The Working Together project has interested me since I first found out about it back when was a student and thought I was strictly public library-bound. As someone transitioning from the community-based nonprofit world to the library world, I was excited to see librarians acting according to a community development librarianship model (<– link is a PDF).

Now that the Working Together Project has officially wrapped up, I have been curious as to what the impacts have been. Are Canadian libraries integrating a new, community needs-based model? What are the next steps? (How) can the successes of the project become institutionalised in libraries?

On the Social Justice Librarian Blog, Ken will be discussing Community Led Program and Service development in libraries. Among other things, he’s planning to discuss “systemic barriers that currently exist within library culture, which we need to be aware of when trying to work from a Community Led approach.”

Please pull up a seat, join the conversation, and enjoy Ken’s contributions here at SJL. I’m sure I will.


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