Big ISP + Big Content Provider = test of new neutrality rules?

This morning, the CBC is reporting that:

The company that owns Shaw Cable and the StarChoice satellite TV service has arranged to buy a controlling stake in Canwest Global Communications Corp.

According to the article, if this deal goes through,

Calgary-based Shaw Communications Corp. would own at least 20 per cent of Canwest’s equity and 80 per cent of its voting stock

Shaw has already been called out for violating net neutrality principles, most notably back in ’06 when Vonage called foul on Shaw’s $10 fee for using non-Shaw VOIP on Shaw Internet lines.
CanWest has shown itself to be a very bold company, even to the point of instigating a chafter challenge court case against the government pushing the legal limits of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medications.
One of the reasons a non-neutral net is anti-competitive is illustrated with exactly this scenario: Shaw, with a past willingness to discriminate among content on it’s network, may now have a vested interest in prioritizing the content of one of the largest media content providers in the country.
Both Shaw and CanWest are giant players in the Canadian media scene. However, last fall, the CRTC implemented some guidelines for net neutrality. If this Shaw-Canwest deal goes through, the company will certainly be one to watch for compliance with these new guidelines.

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