Are you a social justice librarian?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed that it’s basically become, well, all me.

That was never the intent. I’m not THE social justice librarian, I’m just A social justice librarian.

I’d prefer that this blog have multiple voices, with different perspectives and interests. However, my former partners in crime have moved on to other adventures in their lives and aren’t sure if or when they’ll be back.

Which brings me to the question…do YOU want to write for the SJL blog? Are you a social justice librarian, archivist, or other information professional type?

Can you add coverage of topics I don’t discuss much? Or a perspective that is different from mine? Ideally (but not necessarily), you do something other than health librarianship and live somewhere other than Western Canada.

If you’re keen, drop me a line to discuss your interest. If it seems like a fit, I’d love to expand the author list here again.



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