Canada’s Copyright Consultation – You have until Sept 13!

I’m back from summer holidays to remind you to submit your copyright consultation comments!  And to let you know that Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition has made a pretty awesome guide to participating in the online copyright consultations. Copyright Consultation Made Easy (pdf) appears to my eyes to be truly intelligible to “regular” people (which is to say, you need good literacy skills but not lots of tech skills or prior intelletcual property law knowledge).

No, it’s not comprehensive (no mention of crown copyright, for example, a topic that is one of my own pet peeves), but the simplicity is part of the beauty of the thing.

Check it out and pass it along!

And don’t forget to add your comments to the e-consultation before Sept 13!



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One response to “Canada’s Copyright Consultation – You have until Sept 13!

  1. If I had had room to add one more thing, crown copyright would have been it. Though not everyone agreed with me, I was determined that no matter what the guide would fit on one page. If you have page 2 in front of you, you can write a submission. I wanted to hit the “low-hanging fruit” – the people who would probably be willing to submit, but not to take the time to figure out how. I don’t know if we succeeded, but thanks for your kind words.

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