Copyright Consultation details unfolding

Further to yesterday’s post about the Canadian copyright consultation, here are the details I know so far:

  1. Library associations were among those invited to the roundtables…or at least the BC Library Association was invited to (and attended) the kickoff one in Vancouver.
  2. There will be town hall meetings open to the pre-registered public in Montreal (July 30, 1-3pm) and Toronto (August 27, 7-9pm).  Register by following the link under “Events” in the sidebar on this page.
  3. For the rest of us, there is an e-consultation that appears to be set up similar to how the net neutrality consultation was (and is also facilitated by Nik Nanos, but less visibly so). It’s open till Sept 13.  Here’s the website; there are 5 topics under which to comment.
  4. If you’re a Twitter person (I am not), the hashtag is apparently #copycon
  5. Also, apparently the copyright consultation is running on OSS – cool.

And a few thoughts on the consultation:

  • There’s no giant document you’re supposed to read fist this time, but there are items under “Resources” that might be of interest.  The giant document in the net neutrality consultation was silly, and hopefully the brief blurbs at top of each comment page will be enough to focues the conversation.
  • LOTS of comments already, but heavily weighted toward “copyright and you” and not topics like “digital economy”
  • I’m glad the gov’t largely kept the same format as the last e-consultation, and I’m kind of excited about this new form of input into Canadian government issues!
  • That said, it’d hard to know how optimistic to be about citizen voices actually being heard, since we haven’t seen the outcome from any topic that included an e-consultation process yet.
  • Talking points for those who want to respond but would like some advice: Vancouver Fair Copy, Michael Geist’s Fair Copyright Principles



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