Canadian info policy current events: copyright consultation in particular

Wow, there is so much stuff going on with the Canadian federal govt right now, it’s dizzying.  I wonder why this is all taking place in summertime?  Anyone know?

First of all, I don’t have time at the moment to write a long post about it, but Michael Geist has a nice summary of the CRTC’s net neutrality hearings here.

Second, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada issued the results of her investigation into the CIPPIC-filed complaint into Facebook, and found (unsurprisingly) that “Facebook needs to improve privacy practices.”  There’s a list of stuff that Facebook needs to do to be compliant with Canadian law, and we’ll have to see how FB responds.  Verry interesting.  I have a hunch FB will change the wording of a binch of things to make users “aware” of privacy practices, but not actually change much in terms of data collection/use/sharing practices, but we shall see…

Now, on to what I really wanted to post here today!

Michael Geist gave a heads-up a week ago that some sort of “copyright consultation” was going to be launched on July 20.  Those of us who had hoped Geist’s publication of that info would encourage the feds to spill the exact plan have thu sfar been quite disappointed, however.

Today, the CBC has an article reporting that these copyright forums will begin in Vancouver on Monday at 12:45pm.  The article rightly highlights the fact that details on the consultation for those of us not in the loop have been slow in coming.  It also mentions that its sources for the article are Geist, and the following communications from Heritage Minister James Moore:

On Thursday night, Moore sent a notice via the social messaging service Twitter saying, “Copyright consultations begin Monday in Vancouver. This is a substantive and sincere effort to move this issue forward.” It was the first public notice all week from either ministry about the location of the first day of consultations. The next notification to the public was a media advisory on Friday afternoon about Monday’s news conference.

Some quick throughts:

  • The federal government tweets before issuing an official media advisory!?
  • Who will be invited to the round tables? (I haven’t gotten MY invitation yet, that’s for sure)
  • How will the public participate in the process (assuming my invitation not forthcoming)
  • Geist is absolutely right when he says that the secrecy surrounding the process “raises unnecessary concern and suspicion” among the public

More when I have more time…



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