Victoria Library Lockout resolved

To make this a weekend foll of follow-up, let me note that the six week Victoria Library Lockout in BC has been resolved, and the libraries are well on their way to being open to the public once more.

And while I’m not sure the “pay equity issue” is once and for all resolved and put to rest, the way the Globe and Mail seems to be, it does sound like this resolution was a great victory for the library staff, and a big step toward pay equity.

The nuts & bolts are a 4 year contract (meaning, I believe, that this contract will end the same time as several other CUPE library locals in BC…namely the others that were on strike this past autumn), some new FT positions, wages increasing over the contract, and a larger pay increase for those terribly underpaid pages at the bottom of the payscale. For those of us who believe the devil is usually in the details, here’s the Memorandum of Settlement so you can scour the details.

As CUPE spokesman Ed Seedhouse told Library Journal this agreement was a compromise. Isn’t it always. But, to paraphrase Seedhouse again, this agreement really is a milestone.

Congratulations CUPE 410!

And thanks to the local Greater Victoria community for all your support of your libraries. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the video footage of the storytime sit-in at the Labour Relations Board! (link via Union Librarian)

And BC public library staff, I will be among the many interested watchers and supporters in 2012 when all these current, hard-won contracts are up. Hopefully in the post-Olympics era, we will have an easier time with our priorities, such as a living wage and gender equity.


Previous posts on the lockout here and here.


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