CHN Part III – Petition Deadline

The Friends of CHN have put out the word that they are planning to ask the PM and Minister of Health to “have a heart” by delivering their petition to save the Canadian Health Network on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14.

The Conservative government has pulled the funding from the CHN as of March 31, 2008. For info on why the CHN is a valuable and unmatched resource, see previous posts here at SJL CHN Part I – Pulling the Plug on a Success Story and CHN Part II – Replacement Resources?

Excerpt from the petition:

We the undersigned support the Canadian Health Network. We demand that the funding cut required of the Public Health Agency of Canada be rescinded, that full, stable funding for the Canadian Health Network be restored immediately, and that this valuable Canadian health information resource continue to be developed to become the best of its kind in the world.

Their goal is 5,000 signatures and as of today they have 2,219 – lets to go.

If you haven’t signed yet, and wish to do so, the petition can be found here.




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