CLA making the news with Copyright Advocacy

The Canadian Library Association is in the news today – and in a positive light, no less! The CBC headline reads “Libraries urge Ottawa to consider consumers in drafting copyright law.”

While most of us in library-land are well aware of our tireless efforts to protect patron privacy, further intellectual freedom, push for access to government information, and generally needle for more open and just information related policies, the average North American probably never links libraries with copyright law unless she happens to notice a sign or disclaimer taped to a library photocopier somewhere.

This coverage makes libraries out to be championing the rights and needs of ordinary people, in the face of pressures and lobbying from big business – pretty much exactly how I see it myself.

CLA executive director Don Butcher has some great sound bytes in the article, calling for a “made-in Canada” solution, and frankly calling-out the current proposed copyright reform as “a battle between Hollywood lobbyists versus the average Canadian.”

Way to go CLA for getting the word out there, and into the mainstream media! I admit to having let my CLA membership lapse, as it seemed to have a low ROI compared with other memberships I pay for out of the same pot of money, but recent developments such as this and the work of the Information Commons Interest Group in particular have been mighty impressive. Might have to reconsider my dues paying allocations in 2008…wonder if there’s a good way to get my employer to pay for this one…



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